Death Shall Not Take Us Wikia



Beginning at 8th level, you cast aside your oaths to those powers that claim authority beyond your own. Your destiny is yours alone. You lose access to your Oath spells, and are no longer bound by any form of code of conduct. In their place, you may select one spell of each of the appropriate levels from the Paladin or Cleric spell lists, and define the tenets of your own personal oath. Further, you may select three of the battle master's maneuvers, but do not gain any superiority dice. Instead, you may use any of the maneuvers by expending 2 SP to generate a virtual 1d8 superiority dice for that attack. At 13th and 18th levels, you gain an additional maneuver.

Sovereign Will[]

Beginning at 13th level, you refuse to compromise your greatness at the behest of any being. You stand unbowed before gods and kings alike. Once per long rest, without requiring any action, you may entirely negate one attack, activated ability, or spell effect targeting you. If the origin of this effect was a creature, it must make a Charisma saving throw against your paladin spell DC or be Stunned until the start of its next turn. At 18th level, you gain a second use of this ability per long rest.

How The Eagle Soars[]

Beginning at 18th level, your resolve stands beyond the comprehension of lesser spirits. They can only bask in your splendor, and be in awe. Your gain Resistance to damage dealt by creatures with a CR lower than your level, and gain Advantage on saving throws against spells and abilities used by such creatures. Once per long rest, as a bonus action, you can issue a challenge to a creature of equal or greater CR you can see or hear, gaining these benefits against them for one minute.