Death Shall Not Take Us Wikia


The savage warriors known as barbarians are renowned to the last for their inexhaustable toughness, and many claim that there are none on Nestoria who are tougher. Those who do have never met a juggernaut. The first juggernauts were forged by the cunning ogres of Ramdrant, casing their mightiest champions in shells of adamant and steel, but the practice spread to other tribes in time, and eventually to the wider world. Walking paradoxes, juggernauts meld primal rage with the most advanced armoring sciences known to mortalkind, becoming living fortresses against which the tides of battle must break.


Though many barbarians are leery of the metal shells manufactured by 'civilized' lands, Juggernauts embrace them with an unmatched fervor. Fueled by the strength of their rage, even the heaviest armors become as a second skin. Beginning at 8th level, you gain proficency with heavy armor. Additionally, while raging, you retain the benefits of your Fast Movement even while wearing heavy armor. Lastly, while wearing heavy armor, you gain a special form of ablative resistance, reducing any incoming damage by an amount equal to [5 + Con Modifier], applied after the effects of Resistance to a damage type. If an incoming damage source deals at least 1 point of damage through this resistance, the value of the resistance decreases by 1. During a short rest, you can make adjustments and repairs to your armor that restore this resistance to its full value. This resistance does not stack with other forms of flat resistance, such as that granted by Heavy Armor Mastery.

Towering Menace[]

The implacable might of a Juggernaut is a terrible thing to behold, their unbreakable stride driving foes to stire out in a desperate attempt to bring the titan low. Beginning at 13th level, whenever you grant Advantage with your Reckless Attack ability, you gain a 15' aura until the end of your next turn. Enemies within the aura suffer Disadvantage attacking any creature other than you, unless you are at or below 75% of your maximum HP. Additionally, whenever you expend a hit dice, the effects are maximized.


Lay low a juggernaut? Grinding down a mountain would be an easier task by far - stone isn't half so tough, and the earth does not fight back. Beginning at 18th level, the amount of max HP you derive from your Constitution modifier is doubled. Further, when you fail a saving throw, you can expend your Reaction to suffer 25 points of unresistable damage and convert that failure to a success. Each time beyond the first that this ability is used without taking a long rest, the damage taken increases by 5. This damage does not erode the resistance granted by Ironclad.